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This application is used to track tasks needed to be done by a group. It consists of Django REST API, Front-end React application and an Android application.

Back-End Application

API EndpointGitHub
  • Implemented REST API using Django REST Framework. Learnt best practices of REST API endpoint for each resources. Returning data in form of JSON
  • Created a detailed documentation on the API usage. This allows front-end applications to be built faster
  • Utilizes JWT authentication to secure the API
  • Configured custom permission for different resources
  • Configured PostgreSQL for database

Front-End Application

View WebsiteGitHub

Websites Deployment

  • Using NGINX webserver for handling proxy pass
  • Utilized Docker container and docker-compose to ease deployment
  • Digital Ocean Droplet as the server. Learnt about SSH for deployment purpose.
  • Purchased and configured the DNS of the website.

Android App

  • Utilizes Android Studio to build the project
  • Learnt Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern for better separation of concern with Repositories fetching data from API and communicating to the View layer through Android LiveData
  • Android Volley to execute API calls and handling API exceptions
  • Utilized built in Android components such as Toolbar and BottomNavigationBar for navigating different fragments of the app

Using Group Management Website

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